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BIRTHFIT is a movement!

It’s not just about fitness or how to buy the best stroller or look good in your maternity clothes. We are a rebel brand: We don’t accept the “norm”. We don’t aim to make you feel good but rather we aim to empower, educate, support, and stick it to the proverbial Man. We toe the line on the reg. We aren’t scared to talk about what your vagina is going to do or look like or how to prevent tearing during labor. We aren’t afraid to talk in length about placenta ingestion or other nitty gritty parts of Labor and Life. Because you can go to other resources all day, with their cute pink and blue ABC blocks and read about how to look good for your man while feeling like a giant house, but if you want the REAL DEAL, BIRTHFIT is the answer!

BIRTHFIT is a lifestyle. It is the daily decisions, the yummy food, the blood pumping exercise, and the nourishment you give yourself right now. Choose to be BIRTHFIT.

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