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I am Jess Brown.  The mountain valley of Logan, Utah is where I call home. I completed my MSW at the University of Kansas before becoming a Mama. I am a wife and a mother of 3.  Prior to my first pregnancy, I found and fell in love with a gym that offered community.

I wanted to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle throughout my Motherhood Transition.  I also learned more with the birth of each child. After my second baby, I found BIRTHFIT. I had a vision and a plan for the birth of my last baby. I created a birth team. I was strong in mind, body and spirit. Her birth was the most empowering experience of my life. 

While working as an individual, group and family therapist I was quickly able to experience the beauty in helping others through life's challenges.  BIRTHFIT allows me to combine my passion of health and fitness with my desire to educate and empower others to be their best self.

MSW, BIRTHFIT Regional Director, BIRTHFIT Coach, Crossfit Level 1, CPR Certified 

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